Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lindsay Lohan aka Winona Ryder

Oh Lindsay, you really have to do something about those sticky fingers. Is she really trying to improve her image?

Maybe this is her way of maintaining publicity because no one will hire her. How can you hire someone that can potentially be in jail for the next three years?

We already know about her alcohol and drug problem, which seems to be a given in young Hollywood, but a thief? That's a whole different world. To me, that brings trashy to a new level. Even to this day when I see Winona Ryder in a film, I automatically associate her with the stealing spree she had years back. Once a thief, always a theif.

She claims she borrowed the necklace, and her stylist forgot to give it back. She is already facing charges for assaulting someone at the Betty Ford Clinic!!!! However, the jewelry store sent surveillance footage that shows Lohan in the store on the day that necklace was stolen. Then pictures were taken of her wearing the necklace, after it went missing.


I hate to be negative, but I will take an educated guess and say SYANARA LILO!!!!!!!!!

An arrest gives her automatic jail time. When you're on probation, and get arrested, that's violating probation.

However, this could be an incident like when she mistakenly borrowed pants that had cocaine in the pockets, which she had no idea about. That was just coincidence, right? Good luck, Lindsey. Maybe your sister's promising career can help fund your recklessness. Oh wait.................... did I say promising?