Saturday, July 30, 2011

MOOD music: A song for every mood

I was running outside today, and it was BRUTALLY hot. However, my music was the only thing giving me the pep I needed to keep going. Some songs made me feel motivated, some made me feel grateful, and some made me feel like a freaking gazelle! Ha ha.

Anyhow, it gave me the idea to let you listen to the songs that cater to certain moods, for me at least. When I'm sad, J. Cole has a way of cheering me up. When I feel discouraged or doubted, Rapsody and Chris Brown make me feel worthy, just as Kelly Rowland makes me feel sexy! (PS) RELAX! I can sense the opposition MOST people felt when they read the word "Chris Brown" and "worthy" in the same sentence... But let me say something... Chris Brown is an incredible musician. If I connect with someone by their music, that doesn't mean I connect with someone on their lifestyle, or past decisions they have made. Chris Brown deals with adversity on a daily basis, rightfully so, for the most part. However, I'm a Christian woman who has asked for forgiveness PLENTY in my life, and yes, I do believe in second chances. OK, enough with that tangent. Let's talk MUSIC!

So here we go:

When I am feeling sad, even when everything around me is going well, I listen to J. Cole's "Cheer Up." In this song he even says "Lord knows I can't complain, But even when I do it feels the same... I’m getting high just to fight the lows, cuz that's all I know..." Despite his fame and fortune, he still battles sadness.

When I'm feeling doubted and angry, Chris Brown's "Real Hip Hop Sh*t #3" takes me to another level. Whether it's the fact that, subconciously I know his experiences in the past have made people doubt him, this song makes me feel hopeful. The song just goes HARD. 9th Wonder's beat makes the emotional aspect of the song that much more ALIVE!

When I want to feel powerful as a woman, I listen to Rapsody ft. Estelle, "Fly Girl Power." Seeing as both are inspirational and powerful females themselves, this song gives me courage and motivation. One thing that Rapsody told me that will forever stay with me was, "I'm an emcee that happens to be female... I'm an emcee first." She slashes every stereotype that could possibly be used against her.

"Fly girl power, that's what we've been missin' here...."

When I'm surrounded by temptation, trying to stay level headed, I listen to "100 Keys," by Big Sean ft. Pusha T and Rick Ross. I'm not the biggest fan off Rick Ross because sometimes I feel like his songs are TOO similar, but he is a perfect feature in this song and his lyrics are on POINT.

"And for that paper all the wrong things sound right... Where I'm from they push 100 keys and it sounds like..."

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. This song also has one of my FAVORITE Big Sean verses. If you listen to the lyrics, you'll see what I mean. The beat is incredible too... the incorparation of the piano is perfect. The "piano keys" are metaphorically used, as a "bittersweet symphony." You will see why in the song.

"And don't worry 'bout the info
From where they rob Pintos and could afford Enzos
Cause everybody knows keys open doors, but bricks open windows
Counting a hundred hundreds, more by more
Built this from the tile up, floor by floor
Talk shit, I'll send 'em door by door
Made for the Snow White like 4 by 4s"

A ton of literal and metaphoric meanings in one verse...

When I just want to rock out to one of the greatest songs ever made, in my opinion, I listen to "Legendary" by Royce Da 5'9 and Travis Barker. The song's instrumentals and Travis Barker's drums create a rock vibe, and Royce's INSANE lyrics maintain the raw hip hop feel. It's a multidimensional song that I will be able to listen to for years. I don't even want to post any lyrics because the entire song is a lyrical masterpiece. Just listen!

Kelly Rowland and Big Sean is a sexy collab, and this song represents just that... Catchy beat too!

When I am feeling confident and driven, Skyzoo's "Written in the Drums" has a way of intensifying that feeling. Knowing Skyzoo, and having had the incredible opportunity to interview him, I got a first hand sense of his passion and talent. He is hands down one of the greatest lyricists in the game. See what I mean:

Sexy song. Sexy Beat. That is all. Actual Proof x Median x Bluu Suede. The lyrics are stellar. There are certain artists that have such unique sounds... Enigma of Actual Proof is one of those artists. I love the tone of his voice! Him and Sundown (other half of Actual Proof) have the intelligence to create abstract stories with their lyrics.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Michael Myers... Freddy Kruger... Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony is once again making headlines, but this time for the nearly one million dollar offer...

...for her face.

Yes, she is this year's Snooki when it comes to the high demand for a Halloween costume.

The description on Ebay where the mask was just sold could not be any more fitting:

"Forget Freddy, Jason [and] Meyers, here's your chance to scare the *#&% out of everyone and win every costume contest with this amazing Tot Mom latex rubber mask, possibly the most frightening mask on the planet."

In addition to that description above, the seller, identified as "Prophunter," also urges that, "This one is in excellent condition and it is numbered six of nine. ... No matter what your opinion of the trial is, this is still one heck of a conversation piece."

How will people react to this though? Is the death of an innocent 4-year-old child becoming more of a joke than anything?

When the bidding ended on Wednesday, the final bid was for $999,990, according to the Sun Sentinal.

So who is this mysterious person that dropped almost ONE MILLION dollars on this mask? The buyer is only identified as "9***6." Hmm... that's no fun!

However, it is probably smart that they concealed their identity, seeing as the amount of outrage sparked by Anthony's innocence could also score this mysterious person a couple of death threats as well.

Here's the mask with extra accessories included.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mommy-rexia hits Hollywood

It almost seems as if pregnant women are becoming more concerned about their weight gain than the health of their child.

Barely there bumps?

Young women are setting unrealistic goals in order to maintain their svelte figures, post baby.

What is inspiring these women to think this way?

One word: Hollywood.

We see Victoria Beckham with what looks like "belly bloat" after 8 months, and Heidi Klum walking the runway in lingerie two weeks after having her third child.

Maternity clothes are selling size 0. Yes, size 0. That is a size that is considered "tiny" for a person who ISN'T pregnant. So not only are these women being inspired by glossy magazines and reality television, but maternity retail stores are banking off of this unrealistic attitude.


So what exactly are you risking by trying to stay slim while pregnant? Well let's start with an increased risk of hypertension and developmental issues. You starve your fetus.

What's a healthy mindset?

Your body took nine months to make this child, give your body AT LEAST nine months to get it back to where it was.

Doctors stress that a healthy mom-to-be should gain 25-35 lbs during pregnancy.

OK... My sister gained 80 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, she gained a bit much, but she gave birth to the most beautiful and healthy baby! How are you fulfilling your duties as a MOTHER, when you are starving your child? When you are keeping your body from things that it CRAVES?

Pregnancy is a time to embrace in ALL realms... That includes the GROWTH and the change of your body. Celebrities were even reported saying their bodies were "distorted" while pregnant. WHAT? Then WHY did you get pregnant? This is vulgar and unrealistic. If you want to stay skinny, don't put your child in danger. Just pull a Sarah Jessica Parker and pay someone else to have it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Speedy's" life comes to a screeching halt: Former Olympian, Jeret Peterson, takes his own life

Natalie Morales, an anchor of NBC's Today Show, had a more personal relationship with Jeret Peterson, after interviewing him multiple times. She got to know him through his glory, as well as through his troubles.

In one of their chilling interviews, Peterson, 29, claims that he's been through a lot recently, including battling issues with "depression and suicide..."

Was this an omen? All we know is that these demons that plagued him finally took their toll.

In the 2010 Vancouver games, this accomplished skier won a silver medal in the freestyle aerials, after performing his signature move, The Hurricane.

After receiving his medal, he said:

"I've really changed things around in the last three and a half years. This is my medal for everything I've overcome and I'm ecstatic."

After reaching fame in 2006 he had a downward spiral of issues that included criminal offenses and mental struggles.

He vowed to change his ways after some reckless actions, including alcohol abuse and a bar fight he got into the night that he competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics.

"He said he rebuilt his life and jumping career by giving up alcohol and by coming to grips with demons he had carried through adulthood — a good friend had committed suicide in front of him in 2005, and his 5-year-old sister had been killed by a drunken driver," according to an article by the New York Times.

Clearly, he has not had an easy ride.

Suicide was a black cloud that seemed to hover over him. He contemplated killing himself after losing a reported $550,000 in BlackJack. Those were not his only money troubles. In the following years, he was essentially broke from giving a lot of his money away and investing in the Real Estate market.

The Friday before his self-inflicted death, Peterson was arrested in Hailey for speeding and driving while intoxicated. This in itself would destroy his new image that he worked so hard to maintain. Maybe he did not want to face his fans and those who believed in him?

This past Monday, Peterson was found dead in a distant canyon in Utah from a self inflicted gunshot wound, according to The Guardian. Before Peterson killed himself, he called 911 to tell them where he was. The New York Times reports that, "The police said his body was found between Salt Lake City and Park City, and a suicide note was found near his car."

People all over the nation are mourning his death, especially the world of sports.

“Today is a sad day in our sport,”

Bill Marolt, the chief executive officer of the United States Ski Team, said about the tragedy.

“Jeret ‘Speedy’ Peterson was a great champion who will be missed and remembered as a positive, innovative force on not only his sport of freestyle aerials, but on the entire U.S. Freestyle Ski Team family and everyone he touched.”

Mental struggle is far worse than any physical pain, and you will never know unless you have struggled with them yourself.

When I saw this, all I could think was that he must have been so troubled to put a gun to his head. It is very tragic, that such a promising and young individual, felt that the world would be better off without him. That his life was too agonizing to go on another day.

Rest In Peace, Jeret.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The wait is finally over: Presenting, Actual Proof's "STILL HOTTER THAN JULY"


Monday, July 25, 2011

Georgia woman mourns her son's hit-and-run death while facing 36 months in jail for jaywalking

As if losing your 4-year-old child isn't hard enough, Raquel Nelson has to await sentencing for allegedly "jaywalking" on the day of her son's death.

On April 10, 2010, Nelson and her three children were crossing a busy Marietta street when a car came and impaled all three children, killing one. "[The young boy] flew up in the air," claimed an eye witness.

This is the scene of the crime. You can see the distance between the stop and the cross walk.
As a regular user of public transportation, she had missed the bus that day. Her apartment is right across the street from the bus stop, and the nearest crosswalk is nearly a half a mile away, so she crossed one side of the divided highway to the median, where she waited for a break in the traffic. This was not out of the ordinary for anyone. This is what everyone did to cross the street, simply because the next crosswalk was so far.

Jerry Guy
According to the Huffington Post, "Police were able to track down the driver, Jerry Guy, who later admitted he had been drinking and had taken painkillers the night of the accident. He was also mostly blind in one eye. Guy had already been convicted of two prior hit-and-runs."

Could this story get any more tragic? Yes. What if I were to tell you that this broken mother is facing more time in jail than the man that killed her child AND fled the scene? SIX TIMES more, in fact.

How is that possible?

The Huffington Post reports that, "Last week Nelson herself was convicted on three charges related to her son's death: reckless conduct, improperly crossing a roadway and second-degree homicide by vehicle. Each is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 12 months in prison."

Jerry Guy plead guilty over a year ago, and was initially sentenced to five years in prison. However, he was released after just six months.

This is the eldest daughter being walked off of the scene after being struck. She was the only child that was not injured.
Raquel Nelson is a single mother with three children, living in a busy Atlanta suburb who has to rely on city transportation to get by. Nelson claims that the jury who sentenced her could not relate to the conditions that she lived in.

What is considered "justice" in this case?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

UPDATE ON NORWAY TRAGEDIES: Breivik admits to both massacres and disturbing documents released

Suspected bomber and shooter, Anders Behring Breivik, admitted to the recent attacks in Norway, but says he is not "criminally responsible."

Despite bombing Oslo's Government District and going on a TWO HOUR shooting spree a youth camp, killing a total of 92, his reasoning was: 'There are situations in which cruelty is necessary, and refusing to apply necessary cruelty is a betrayal of the people whom you wish to protect.'

Patriotic? Or evil...?

In a YouTube posted 6 hours before the consecutive acts of violence, "he attacked multiculturalism and Muslim immigration to his '7,000 patriotic Facebook friends," according to the Daily Mail. He also posted a massive 1,500 page document online "[that] describes the planning, explosives making and violent philosophy that lead to the bombing in downtown Oslo and shootings at a Labor youth camp nearby."

What's scarier than a mass murderer? An incredibly SMART mass murder.

He also posted pictures of himself, including this one, armed and ready to kill:

Here is a sample of the disturbing book he wrote prior to the massacres:

To see more from this 1,500 page document, CLICK HERE.

Roller rink birthday party turns deadly: 6 Dead and 4 Wounded

Random act of violence? Domestic situation turned deadly? Questions are still unanswered, but witnesses from this tragic event are revealing some crucial information:

In a place where murder is a rarity, this is a true tragedy for the city of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Last night, it is believed that the father of an 11-year-old boy went on a shooting rampage at the Forum Roller World on the 1900-block of N. Great Southwest Parkway in Dallas, Fort Worth. This information was given by a father of two of the children who attended the party, according to Scott Gordon of NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

The party that was supposed to last from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. ended abrupty at 7:15 p.m. when the shots reportedly rang out. As soon as police arrived, five people were already dead. Among the six that were later declared dead was the suspected gunman, who is thought to have been killed from self inflicted gun shot wounds.

So from what is assumed here, this sounds like a troubled man, who ended up trying to take his own life after going on a killing spree.

The father of a 12-year-old attendee of the birthday party, Sen Nguyen, claims that the suspected gunman was a "family man," and referred to him as a "friendly guy."

All the victims at this point are said to be adults. No children were injured, as reported by NBC Dallas, Fort Worth. Those shot and killed are believed to be the gunman's wife and other family members.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse dies: Reason remains unknown (VIDEO FROM CONCERT INCLUDED)

The 27-year-old pop sensation was found dead in her London home today. Cause of death remains unknown.

During her latest European tour, she was questioned about her reckless and incoherent behavior on stage during a Belgrade performance in June.

In a 2008 interview, her own mother even said that she would not be surprised if her daughter, Amy, died before her. In that same chilling interview, her mom said:

I've known for a long time that my daughter has problems. But seeing it on screen rammed it home. I realise my daughter could be dead within the year. We're watching her kill herself, slowly.

'I've already come to terms with her dead. I've steeled myself to ask her what ground she wants to be buried in, which cemetery. Because the drugs will get her if she stays on this road.

'I look at Heath Ledger and Britney. She's on their path. It's like watching a car crash - this person throwing all these gifts away.

The troubled singer has a past of drug and alcohol abuse along with many stints in rehab (that were clearly unsuccessful).

At least 91 Dead so far following a Norway Youth Camp Attack

This is an image of the Norwegian Labour Youth summer camp
Massive shooting at the Norwegian Labour Youth League summer camp in Utoeya Friday, July 21, 2011 kills at least 91:

Right Wing extremist, Anders Behring Breivik, is the young man that police believe is responsible for the brutal death of at least 91 children.


According to the Huffington Post, "Norwegian TV2 reports that Breivik belongs to "right-wing circles" in Oslo. Swedish news site Expressen adds that he has been known to write to right-wing forums in Norway, is a self-described nationalist and has also written a number of posts critical of Islam."

The 32-year-old Christian, suspected man says, "my youth paradise, and now it's been changed to hell," according to a simultaneous translation provided by Sky News.

The fact that he mentions his "youth," may have contributed to the fact that he targeted the youth in this massive attack. says, "There are thought to have been hundreds of children on the island, aged from 11 or 12 to 18 or 19."

The gunman (thought to be Breivik), was dressed as a police officer in order to conceal his identity. The camp was just made aware of the bombing in Oslo, so they were already on high alert. The fact that Breivik was dressed as a police officer actually made them feel safe.

In addition, this horrible act of violence is believed to be linked to the Oslo bombing that occurred just hours earlier. They also believe he acted alone during both attacks.

The personal accounts of the victims are heart wrenching. Children fleeing from the camp in attempts to stay alive, seeing their close friends get murdered. Kids playing dead after getting shot and being forced to stay still and silent.

This is an image of terrified children attempting to swim away from the chaos.

This is an image of the rescue effort following the shooting.
Adrian Pracon, a youth official at the camp, tells us of the terror he experienced on that tragic Friday:

"I was the last man hitting the water and therefore I didn't have time to take my shoes and clothes off," Pracon told the BBC. "I had to return because the boots and clothes were pulling me under."

"He saw me returning, he saw I was almost at the shore and pointed the barrel at me. At that time I yelled and cried 'Please no, please no.'"

Pracon told the BBC that for some reason the gunman "spared my life."

He said he lay down on the shore among what seemed like 20 dead bodies and tried to play dead.

"Then there approached 10 people. He started shooting at every single person, they were crying, they were screaming, people were falling over me. These were my friends," Pracon told the BBC. "While I was playing [dead], I had to shield myself with people. By playing dead, I believed I saved my own life."


This was just one of the terrifying experiences that children, ages 11-19, had experienced.

This was taken after the Oslo bombing (9 killed)

Another image from the Oslo bombing which took place just hours before the youth camp shooting

Following the incident, a Twitter account was made of Breivik. Only one post, but the post is chilling. Whether it is him or not, the fact that people support him is troubling.

Here is a survivor of the youth camp shooting who suffered gunshot wounds

Friday, July 22, 2011

Teen Moms Turning Hollywood

Teen Moms are clearly succumbing to the Hollywood stereotype. Rumored eating disorders, arrests, abuse, break ups, make ups, affairs, oh my! Sounds like the life of a celebrity. Are these celeb-reality stars actually becoming famous for... getting knocked up?

Jenelle Evans, star of MTV's 2nd season of "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom 2," was arrested this month for violating her probation after testing positive for THC.

According to TMZ, Evans had a son, Jace Vahn Evans, in August, 2009. She has recently signed over custody of her son to her mother, Barbara.
She is most remembered as the brat who was scrutinized for her reckless behavior and rocky relationship with her mother.

Jenelle is not the only Teen Mom making headlines. How can we forget about Amber Portwood and her recent suicide attempt? On June 14th, Portwood was found at her home with a rope tied around her neck. She was in and out of consciousness and immediately rushed to an Indiana hospital.

Her troubles are believed to be from her on and off relationship with Gary, her baby's father, and the fact that he has gained full custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Leah.

Then we have the plastic surgery buffs: Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham who have recently gotten "enhanced." I just think it's ironic how they are so "broke," yet they have enough money to get their boobs done.

Here are some other classy pics:
Catelynn and Tyler enjoying a nice cigg

Amber Portwood's tattoo: Showing her love for her daughter. No comment.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Phone Hacking gets personal: Fall of News of the World, Rise of Scandal

We've been hearing the name Rupert Murdoch being tossed around all news stations in recent weeks, but do we really know why?

Rupert Murdoch is the owner of News Corp. News Corp is ONE word that stands for a bajillion things. News Corp owns MAJOR book publishing companies, magazines, Television networks, Newspapers, Music (Radio Stations, record labels, etc), movie studios, television shows/networks (satellite, cable, etc), and Internet media. Yes, this is all essentially owned under the discretion of one man, Rupert Murdoch.

The 80-year-old gazillionaire (or EIGHT BILLIONAIRE, to be exact) is under major scrutiny. Obviously, such a powerful man can make a huge impact on society.

Anyhow, News Corp was recently scrutinized for allegedly taking part in a "Phone Hacking Scandal," in attempts to get news for their benefit. (To prevent boredom: Read more about it here)

The supposed "Phone Hacking Scandal" went personal. It originally appeared that the News of the World (A tabloid magazine based out of the UK which is under the ownership of News Corp) had only hacked the phones of celebrities, politicians and members of the British Royal Family in order to get unknown, personal information. However, in July 2011, it was discovered that victims also included the loved ones of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, relatives of deceased British soldiers, and victims of the 7/7 London bombings.

Milly Dowler, murder victim
This clearly stirred up major controversy and outrage among the public and especially the victim's loved ones.

So in essence, News of the World was taking advantage of those that were healing, so they could get the most personal information. Even though Murdoch shut down News of the World this year, there is still major controversy surrounding the situation.

Can you imagine? Losing your daughter to a brutal murder, then finding out your phone has been hacked by reporters so they can get information for their OWN benefit?

Aside from victims being used, celebrities were being hacked as well.

Other celebrities that were hacked include: Hugh Grant, Elle Macpherson, David Beckham, and many more.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, and the infamous "Cry Face"

Farrah Abraham... Not as recognized by her name as she is by her face. And by face, I mean her crying face:

Ms. Abraham is known to all loyal MTV fans as the Teen Mom who was "physically abused" by her seemingly overbearing mother. However, Reality TV shows have a way of portraying people in a way that will benefit their ratings.

No one knows what really happened behind closed doors, but she sure has a way of expressing her emotion with her infamous pout.

Abraham, 19, recently documented her breast implant surgery, during an episode of "Teen Mom." She says it will benefit her modeling career. Whatever you say, Farrah. I always thought models had to be pretty? Weird.

Lately, she was slammed for tweeting something disrespectful about Demi Lovato and her recent troubles with bulimia. The Teen Mom tweeted:

"In the v.o booth… i feel if demi Lavato can sing … why can't I… I've been through way more then just vomitting after every meal :)"

Funny she says that... because she's looking a little gaunt lately. Also, you just got your boobs done. Talk about insecurity and body image issues!

Last but not least, it is rumored that Ms Abraham may have a new gig: Being a part of the new Charlie's Angels remake. That would be a sight to see!

Tyler Hadley said to have been on Ecstacy prior to his parents' murder. Close friend Michael Mandel speaks out. (COURT VIDEO included as well)

This is a follow-up to the brutal murder of Mary Jo Hadley, 47, and 54-year-old Blake Hadley by their own 17-year-old son. Last Saturday, Port St. Lucie resident, Tyler Hadley, reportedly became upset that his parents would not let him have a party. As a result, he allegedly beat them to death with a hammer, and proceded to have his party anyways, while they lay dead in his Florida home.

This was an interview by WPTV News Channel 5, with Hadley's best friend Michael Mandell. Here we can see that Hadley had confessed the murder to Mandell, prior to his arrest, and when he saw blood in the house, the confession was confirmed.
This is Mandell and Hadley during the party, AFTER the murder.
"I opened the door. I saw bloody sheets piled everywhere. I saw broken pictures with blood on them and I looked down and I saw his dad's leg there," said Mandell in an interview with the Sun Sentinal.

Mandell claims to be "in shock" about the whole situation, and says he feels like he doesn't even know Hadley, who he has been best friends with "forever."

The fact that Tyler murdered his parents is disturbing in itself. But what is the most disturbing to me is his ability to maintain his composure. After the murder, Mandell said that "Tyler was having a fun time himself, he was acting like nothing had happened."

Meanwhile, his deceased parents were rotting away in their locked bedroom.

Mandell said that Hadley's reasoning behind the murder was that, "the devil possessed him." He said the Hadleys were having financial problems and, according to Mandell, that along with rap music and fights with his parents influenced his actions, according to the Sun Sentinal.

Hadley was denied of bail and is currently charged with second degree murder charges. The state is trying to bump those charges up to first degree murder charges. Supposedly, he is not up for the death penalty.

Personally, I hope he rots in jail.