Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wayland High Football Player allegedly murders girlfriend of three years: horrific and disturbing

I'm watching the Today Show this morning, and I was taken back by a story that truly disturbed me.

It was like a cheesy horror movie, that you never think could happen in real life.

Here we have your ideal high school duo. Star football player alongside his long time, gorgeous girlfriend.

As a talented and promising young woman with dreams of being a fashion designer, Lauren Astley's "partially submerged" body was found in a marsh by a traveling bicyclist this past Monday.

Can you imagine?

According to, "Lauren Astley had a “gaping, significant and horrific” wound to her neck, [along with a bungee cord wrapped around her neck as well] prosecutors said." She was spotted by Route 27 in Wayland, Boston.

The bungee cord that was allegedly wrapped around her neck was also found in Fujita's garage, along with blood soaked sneakers and clothes. Prosecutors also say that there was a significant amount of blood, as well as a clear attempt to conceal it.

Picture of the happy couple on Facebook


"Prosecutor Lisa McGovern said Fujita and Astley had dated for three years, but Astley had recently ended the relationship," (

So, all the clues here lead to one thing... this horrific murder was inspired by a break-up. A BREAK-UP?! The scary thing is, Nathaniel Fujita had NO criminal record. No past of violence. This couple was together for 3 years. Common knowledge tells us that you know someone pretty well after three years. Clearly, that isn't the case.

After work on Sunday night, she was planning on visiting Fujita, possibly to clear things up.

She never came home.

Through tears and obvious heartbreak, her father's parting words with the press were:

“If you have children,” Astley said, “treasure them.”

Lauren Astley's father
 If we can learn anything from this case, it's that as much as you think you may know someone, you really don't. However, always watch for any signs of violence. Never put yourself in a vulnerable situation, or at least try not to. You do not want to end up like Lauren, whose family and friends are permanently destroyed. Her father now has to live with the thought and image of his daughter being tortured and brutally murdered.

Such a sad ending for such a promising, beautiful young woman.