Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mommy-rexia hits Hollywood

It almost seems as if pregnant women are becoming more concerned about their weight gain than the health of their child.

Barely there bumps?

Young women are setting unrealistic goals in order to maintain their svelte figures, post baby.

What is inspiring these women to think this way?

One word: Hollywood.

We see Victoria Beckham with what looks like "belly bloat" after 8 months, and Heidi Klum walking the runway in lingerie two weeks after having her third child.

Maternity clothes are selling size 0. Yes, size 0. That is a size that is considered "tiny" for a person who ISN'T pregnant. So not only are these women being inspired by glossy magazines and reality television, but maternity retail stores are banking off of this unrealistic attitude.


So what exactly are you risking by trying to stay slim while pregnant? Well let's start with an increased risk of hypertension and developmental issues. You starve your fetus.

What's a healthy mindset?

Your body took nine months to make this child, give your body AT LEAST nine months to get it back to where it was.

Doctors stress that a healthy mom-to-be should gain 25-35 lbs during pregnancy.

OK... My sister gained 80 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, she gained a bit much, but she gave birth to the most beautiful and healthy baby! How are you fulfilling your duties as a MOTHER, when you are starving your child? When you are keeping your body from things that it CRAVES?

Pregnancy is a time to embrace in ALL realms... That includes the GROWTH and the change of your body. Celebrities were even reported saying their bodies were "distorted" while pregnant. WHAT? Then WHY did you get pregnant? This is vulgar and unrealistic. If you want to stay skinny, don't put your child in danger. Just pull a Sarah Jessica Parker and pay someone else to have it.