Saturday, July 23, 2011

At least 91 Dead so far following a Norway Youth Camp Attack

This is an image of the Norwegian Labour Youth summer camp
Massive shooting at the Norwegian Labour Youth League summer camp in Utoeya Friday, July 21, 2011 kills at least 91:

Right Wing extremist, Anders Behring Breivik, is the young man that police believe is responsible for the brutal death of at least 91 children.


According to the Huffington Post, "Norwegian TV2 reports that Breivik belongs to "right-wing circles" in Oslo. Swedish news site Expressen adds that he has been known to write to right-wing forums in Norway, is a self-described nationalist and has also written a number of posts critical of Islam."

The 32-year-old Christian, suspected man says, "my youth paradise, and now it's been changed to hell," according to a simultaneous translation provided by Sky News.

The fact that he mentions his "youth," may have contributed to the fact that he targeted the youth in this massive attack. says, "There are thought to have been hundreds of children on the island, aged from 11 or 12 to 18 or 19."

The gunman (thought to be Breivik), was dressed as a police officer in order to conceal his identity. The camp was just made aware of the bombing in Oslo, so they were already on high alert. The fact that Breivik was dressed as a police officer actually made them feel safe.

In addition, this horrible act of violence is believed to be linked to the Oslo bombing that occurred just hours earlier. They also believe he acted alone during both attacks.

The personal accounts of the victims are heart wrenching. Children fleeing from the camp in attempts to stay alive, seeing their close friends get murdered. Kids playing dead after getting shot and being forced to stay still and silent.

This is an image of terrified children attempting to swim away from the chaos.

This is an image of the rescue effort following the shooting.
Adrian Pracon, a youth official at the camp, tells us of the terror he experienced on that tragic Friday:

"I was the last man hitting the water and therefore I didn't have time to take my shoes and clothes off," Pracon told the BBC. "I had to return because the boots and clothes were pulling me under."

"He saw me returning, he saw I was almost at the shore and pointed the barrel at me. At that time I yelled and cried 'Please no, please no.'"

Pracon told the BBC that for some reason the gunman "spared my life."

He said he lay down on the shore among what seemed like 20 dead bodies and tried to play dead.

"Then there approached 10 people. He started shooting at every single person, they were crying, they were screaming, people were falling over me. These were my friends," Pracon told the BBC. "While I was playing [dead], I had to shield myself with people. By playing dead, I believed I saved my own life."


This was just one of the terrifying experiences that children, ages 11-19, had experienced.

This was taken after the Oslo bombing (9 killed)

Another image from the Oslo bombing which took place just hours before the youth camp shooting

Following the incident, a Twitter account was made of Breivik. Only one post, but the post is chilling. Whether it is him or not, the fact that people support him is troubling.

Here is a survivor of the youth camp shooting who suffered gunshot wounds