Saturday, July 30, 2011

MOOD music: A song for every mood

I was running outside today, and it was BRUTALLY hot. However, my music was the only thing giving me the pep I needed to keep going. Some songs made me feel motivated, some made me feel grateful, and some made me feel like a freaking gazelle! Ha ha.

Anyhow, it gave me the idea to let you listen to the songs that cater to certain moods, for me at least. When I'm sad, J. Cole has a way of cheering me up. When I feel discouraged or doubted, Rapsody and Chris Brown make me feel worthy, just as Kelly Rowland makes me feel sexy! (PS) RELAX! I can sense the opposition MOST people felt when they read the word "Chris Brown" and "worthy" in the same sentence... But let me say something... Chris Brown is an incredible musician. If I connect with someone by their music, that doesn't mean I connect with someone on their lifestyle, or past decisions they have made. Chris Brown deals with adversity on a daily basis, rightfully so, for the most part. However, I'm a Christian woman who has asked for forgiveness PLENTY in my life, and yes, I do believe in second chances. OK, enough with that tangent. Let's talk MUSIC!

So here we go:

When I am feeling sad, even when everything around me is going well, I listen to J. Cole's "Cheer Up." In this song he even says "Lord knows I can't complain, But even when I do it feels the same... I’m getting high just to fight the lows, cuz that's all I know..." Despite his fame and fortune, he still battles sadness.

When I'm feeling doubted and angry, Chris Brown's "Real Hip Hop Sh*t #3" takes me to another level. Whether it's the fact that, subconciously I know his experiences in the past have made people doubt him, this song makes me feel hopeful. The song just goes HARD. 9th Wonder's beat makes the emotional aspect of the song that much more ALIVE!

When I want to feel powerful as a woman, I listen to Rapsody ft. Estelle, "Fly Girl Power." Seeing as both are inspirational and powerful females themselves, this song gives me courage and motivation. One thing that Rapsody told me that will forever stay with me was, "I'm an emcee that happens to be female... I'm an emcee first." She slashes every stereotype that could possibly be used against her.

"Fly girl power, that's what we've been missin' here...."

When I'm surrounded by temptation, trying to stay level headed, I listen to "100 Keys," by Big Sean ft. Pusha T and Rick Ross. I'm not the biggest fan off Rick Ross because sometimes I feel like his songs are TOO similar, but he is a perfect feature in this song and his lyrics are on POINT.

"And for that paper all the wrong things sound right... Where I'm from they push 100 keys and it sounds like..."

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. This song also has one of my FAVORITE Big Sean verses. If you listen to the lyrics, you'll see what I mean. The beat is incredible too... the incorparation of the piano is perfect. The "piano keys" are metaphorically used, as a "bittersweet symphony." You will see why in the song.

"And don't worry 'bout the info
From where they rob Pintos and could afford Enzos
Cause everybody knows keys open doors, but bricks open windows
Counting a hundred hundreds, more by more
Built this from the tile up, floor by floor
Talk shit, I'll send 'em door by door
Made for the Snow White like 4 by 4s"

A ton of literal and metaphoric meanings in one verse...

When I just want to rock out to one of the greatest songs ever made, in my opinion, I listen to "Legendary" by Royce Da 5'9 and Travis Barker. The song's instrumentals and Travis Barker's drums create a rock vibe, and Royce's INSANE lyrics maintain the raw hip hop feel. It's a multidimensional song that I will be able to listen to for years. I don't even want to post any lyrics because the entire song is a lyrical masterpiece. Just listen!

Kelly Rowland and Big Sean is a sexy collab, and this song represents just that... Catchy beat too!

When I am feeling confident and driven, Skyzoo's "Written in the Drums" has a way of intensifying that feeling. Knowing Skyzoo, and having had the incredible opportunity to interview him, I got a first hand sense of his passion and talent. He is hands down one of the greatest lyricists in the game. See what I mean:

Sexy song. Sexy Beat. That is all. Actual Proof x Median x Bluu Suede. The lyrics are stellar. There are certain artists that have such unique sounds... Enigma of Actual Proof is one of those artists. I love the tone of his voice! Him and Sundown (other half of Actual Proof) have the intelligence to create abstract stories with their lyrics.