Monday, August 1, 2011

Good Music has it's Consequences...

Here is the latest release from Consequence that "expresses" his feelings toward Good Music and Kanye:

So what exactly is the beef and where did it start?

Cons allegedly had a record called "The Last Supper" and Pusha was supposed to be featured on the record. However, Pusha came out with his "My God" record and one of the verses included "This the last supper for you n***as, just the picture we painted..." Consequence was taken back because his record has, "Cudi got the kids cons got the street, Ye (Kanye) got the globe so we all gon' eat... It's the last supper."

"You got my record on your computer and you were supposed to be on my joint..." says Consequence, referring to Pusha.

He says he didn't know if the Good Music artist was taking a shot at him or not, so he was going to address it. "If I see someone dabbling in my sh**, I gotta holla... I did what I did, I wish the man well."

Watch Consequence's full side of the story here:

What about Pusha's side of the story?

"I don't think anyone's ever wanted to see Consequence... Nobody, no radio personality, DJ, has ever told me they wanted to see Consequence."

So Pusha is definitely taking shots back. He also says:

"This whole rap thing is sort of fun to me... But to go back and forth with him is not right... I don't get anything out of it."

Is Pusha backing off because he really did take Cons' material? Or is he just trying to be mature? One thing I don't necessarily agree with is the fact that Consequence did a five minute YouTube laying his business on the table. Once you do something like that, you wonder what his motives are. Exposure?

Clelebrities are expressing their opinions on the recent beef: Rhymefest openly defends his long time friend, Kanye West.

" far as Kanye and his real homies notice that none of the guys he started with from Chicago talk shit about him. None of us."

"Chicago Cats understand playing your position and organizational structure. We know that every man is responsible for his/her actions."

I'm a huge fan of both artists. Both Consequence and Pusha have maintained their individuality over the years. It's sad to see the drama that arises from a single verse, but that's the industry, I guess.