Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kardashian/Humphries Royal Wedding: Wedding Dress, New Perfume, and STEEP Registry

10 days until the big day... The day we've all been waiting for... The Kardashian/Humphries wedding affair.

I was initially pretty upset that I didn't get an invite, then I realized I'll be able to catch the gala on TV. The E network announced that it will air "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event" over two nights; October 9 and 10. That is probably better because I can't really afford her registry.

Her registry includes a $1,250 silver serving spoon, a $375 Baccarat candy jar, a $1,600 Scandinavian-designed teapot and an antique ebony oval breakfast tray worth $1,590. There is even a Baccarat "Cosmos" crystal vase which is $7,850.

However, she does have a &12.50 cloth napkin up for grabs. How would the person with the napkin feel, though? What a way to stand out.

The wedding will take place on August 20, and Kim will wear a dress designed by Vera Wang, according to MTV News.

What better way to publicize the wedding than to design a custom perfume just for the special day?

Her explanation for the self titled perfume?

"I collect fragrances so when I smell one that I haven't worn in years it'll bring me right back to that time. This will remind me of success, working really hard and also my sisters. We were all together so much when I was making the fragrance that it reminds me of my TV show," says Kim.

It must be hard to be famous for... being famous?