Tuesday, August 23, 2011

UPDATE on Hurricane Irene: Florida is out of the forecast cone

I'm keeping up with WPTV News Channel 5. They are providing us with the latest updates on Hurricane Irene via news broadcast:

Stabilized category 2.... Center is starting to move towards open water, enabling it to get organized and stronger. Good news for Florida, most of the models seem to take the storm more towards the east of us. So, as of now, we are OUTSIDE the forecast cone. HOWEVER, this is forecast to be a category 4 storm, with powerful winds that extend over 200 miles from the center. Possible landfall in North Carolina as a category 1. There is a chance it may not even make landfall in the US. 30 to 40% chance that we will see tropical storm force winds: 39+ miles an hour.

To find out how to prepare yourself in the event of a hurricane, click the link below: