Sunday, August 21, 2011

To all of you who labeled Christina Aguilera as a "has been," she was just paid 3.4 MILLION to sing four songs in Spain!

XTina's voice is worth MILLIONS! Literally! (Spanish site) claims that Christina Aguilera is in Barcelona, Spain. Normally, we would say, "WHO CARES?" but a wealthy businessman is paying her to perform... No, not that kind of perform. He is paying her to sing! DUH! No Burlesque over here. Enric Zapatero, writer of the article reports (translated in English):

"The real reason [that Aguilera is in Barcelona) is that a Catalan magnate has paid a whopping 2.4 million euros (eat that, Jennifer Lopez) to sing the 4 known hits," says Zapatero. "It is unclear whether the action was yesterday or today, is that the girl still at Barcelona, ​​so seek him in the most known of the Catalan capital, which is certainly very nice, as we see in this picture has caught a twitterers."
The second quote is rather confusing... Maybe you can figure it out? Clearly, there was a flaw in translation. Or, there was a flaw in the Google Translator Tool.

Her Twitter (@TheRealXtina) gives us no kind of leads or information regarding her trip to Spain. Her last tweet was on August 16:
Christina Aguilera

However, all we care about is the fact that the pop sensation was paid 3.4 million dollars to perform FOUR songs.  That's like.... 20 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!! Maybe 30!!!!!!!!!! This just brings truth to the notion, "the rich get richer."
The fact that she was paid so much money is a bit surprising, seeing as her latest album was anything but extraordinary. Aguilera's 2010 "Bionic" album "... [sold] approximately 110,000 copies in its first week in release, marking the weakest launch yet for an Aguilera studio set and falling short of soundtracks for 'Twilight: Eclipse' and 'Glee,'" according to PopEater.

On an interview with Ryan Seacrest last year, she says that her movie Burlesque inspired her "Bionic" album. Well that makes sense. They were pretty much given the same amount of praise. 
We also can't forget about the heat she got for this:

I have to give it to her, though. Her second studio album "Stripped" (2002), still stands as one of the greatest albums of all time, in my opinion. I can still listen to it all the way through, to this day. Clearly, I'm not the only one who feels that way. That album sold over 13 million copies worldwide.