Monday, August 15, 2011

It's groovy baby! Mike Myers signs up for "Austin Powers 4"

First question that comes to mind when thinking of another Austin Powers is:

Who's going to be the next leading lady?

No pressure. You're only going to be compared to Elizabeth Hurley, Heather Graham and Beyonce Knowles.

Could the next Lady Powers be Jessica Biel? Natalie Portman? Kim Kardashian? Paris Hilton? (Please, not the last two.)

The next question that comes to mind:

How many characters will Myers, now 48, be playing this time around?

Maybe they will just use Myers for the entire cast, females and all. I would not be surprised. In Austin Powers, Goldmember, Myers played Austin Powers, Goldmember, Dr. Evil, AND Fat Bastard. That is FOUR dominant characters.

The last time an Austin Powers was on the big screen was in 2002. Will they be able to rekindle our "Groovy" flame? Throw them a frickin' bone! It's been 10 years!

As a huge Austin Powers fan, and a proud owner of each of the past films (and maybe some merchandise here and there) I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the new installment. Question is: Are you?