Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sugar Daddies: Not the candy, but they do have the goodies.

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As we can see here, "sugar daddy" and "sugar baby" are not just phrases we can find in the Urban Dictionary. We often throw around the word "sugar daddy" as a joke, but there are people that take it seriously. Very seriously...

What's the real "job description" for those who take part in this? Why not get the official definition from 800,000 members with 35% (245,000) college students.

Sugar Baby Dating Attractive, ambitious & young. Sugar Babes are college students, aspiring actresses or someone just starting out. You seek a generous Benefactor to pamper, mentor and take care of you — perhaps to help you financially?

Sugar Daddy Online Personals Rich and successful. Single or married, you have no time for games. You are looking to mentor or spoil someone special — perhaps a "personal secretary"? secret lover? student? or a mistress for an extra-marital affair?

Who exactly is resorting to this "financial arrangement?"

Well, it is a trend among students with a lot of college debt. It is popular among those who graduate with "unprecedented loans." In an interview on the Today Show this morning, a young woman with the alias "Jennifer" explained her experience as a sugar baby. She admits she does have sex with the men (yes, more than one), however, she does not consider herself a prostitute. She defends this claim by saying prostitutes are simply used for sex, whereas she builds relationships with these men.

So what's the downfall?

Well let's start with the most obvious: The EW factor! There's a reason why people involved in the "sugar business" do not broadcast it; people do not accept it. What a great conversation starter: "So what do you do for a living?" "Well, I currently provide companionship for rich men who pay my my bills."

In addition, emotions can be affected. Being a sugar baby can affect one's self esteem, claims Today correspondent Belisa Vranich. Furthermore, "This can lead to a lifestyle where it's hard to get out." Anyone who can get a lot of money in a short amount of time, is not going to be thrilled about going back to their 9 to 5.

Is it an act of financial desperation?

Gayle Soltz, Today Psychiatrist, says those paid will feel immense guilt as a result of "immoral behavior." Furthermore, "there is often self destructive behavior to punish oneself."

So what's the compensation?

It varies: it depends on the daddy and the sugar.

Amanda Fairbanks, education reporter, gave a detailed account of a young woman who had sex with a man for a mere $350. That is sad. $350 for your dignity? $350 for the feeling of self-worthlessness?

Lastly, it is not illegal to advertise for a sugar daddy, . ONLY if money is exchanged for sex. And that is nearly impossible to prove in a case. It's the "companionship" and the "relationship" that keeps it legal. Sex is something that just "happens."