Saturday, August 27, 2011

VMAs... My thoughts on the Best New Artist category, and who I'm voting for!

I took it upon myself to look up the artists that were nominated for "Best New Artist" that I wasn't familiar with. I am a big fan of Big Sean and Tyler, The Creator, but I didn't know much about Kreayshawn and Foster the People:

Foster the People:

reayshawn got her initial buzz from YouTube... Her video "Gucci Gucci" got over 3 million views in the first three weeks.

Even though these artists are unique in their own sense, my decision still stands. I am voting for Big Sean. I have a genuine respect for Big Sean because his lyrical ability is among the best, in my opinion. The fact that Kanye reluctantly gave him the chance to rap just 16 bars for him, and that in itself sold him as an artist, must mean something. Also, his recent debut album "Finally Famous" was impressive. He has substance and still appeals to the masses.

I didn't forget about Wiz Khalifa. If this Best New Artist award was related to Kush and Orange Juice and prior, he would have a GOOD chance at my vote. However, I would be lying if I was saying I was still a fan of his. However, he is a brand and he has grown as an artist, just not one to my liking.

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