Monday, August 22, 2011

The Kardashian/Humphries ROYAL WEDDING! *Exclusive*

The best moment of the Kim Kardiashian/Kris Humphries wedding?

It wasn't Lindsay Lohan... Somehow, she managed to get her own spotlight before the wedding... Oh well... as long as the white is in her dress and not up her nose, we'll let her be.

So back to the ceremony... The greatest moment seemed to be little Mason, Kourtney Kardashian's one-year-old, walking down the aisle as the ring bearer. Not once, but three times!

It took the toddler three times to get down the aisle!

Kathie Lee, one of the lucky guests at the wedding, said that if anyone could steal the shine, it would be Mason. "Ultimately it comes down to family," Lee said. "[Mason] set the pace for a little bit of humor."

Why was this such a precious moment? Because it reminded you that this was real. It wasn't a scene out of a movie. It was a "human moment," as Kathie Lee described it. From the diamond tiara, to the fairy tale ceremony, things seemed almost fantastical. One has to wonder if the foundation of a wedding: love and family, was masked by all of the glamour.

The Today show described her wedding getup: "[Her] dress was strapless, with a fitted bodice, a full, rather traditionally cut tulle skirt, and an epic train. The shoes were Guiseppe Zanotti. Her hair was up and her veil remained off her face as she walked down the aisle, the veil topped by a jeweled headpiece with diamonds that dripped onto Kim's forehead." In addition, all the guests had to be wearing either black or white.

E! News correspondent, Ken Baker, shared his thoughts on the fashion of the wedding: When it came to Kim's dress, Baker says, "She took a risk with the very elegant headpiece." "[The guests] went into applause when she went down the aisle." In addition, Baker says that Kris Humphries went through two outfits throughout the night, which is different because you never see the groom do an outfit change. Kim is clearly rubbing off on him!

The bridesmaids had a "Pipa middleton effect," describes Baker. "...Tight fitting ivory gowns."

The "Pipa Middleton effect" was no mistake. Kim said that she was definitely inspired by the Royal Wedding. She referred to hers as her own Royal Wedding.

The dresses weren't the only things inspired from Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding... The location, Sotto Il Monte estate in Montecito, California, was also chosen in lieu of the Royal Couple.

Kathie Lee said that one thing that really stood out about the wedding was the vows. They had a "very spiritual pastor... He spoke about all the words in the bible for love. It made you think about what love really is." "He preached the bible. The pastor said, "If you don't work at it... you will have a mediocre marriage very quickly," adds Lee.

Kathie Lee and Ken Baker talked about the gifts they received from the wedding:

Kathie Lee displayed a white flip flop saying "Kim loves Kris." She also showed nail polishes, perfume, and plenty of spa products.

Ken Baker says, "There were plenty of gifts for everyone to go around." Everyone was also given a gift card for a pair of Jimmy Choos.

Oh, just to put the icing on the cake, here is a picture of Kim's engagement ring in case you haven't seen it. Crazy thing is, I have this. It's in my freezer at the moment, and I call it an ice cube.

Kim's first tweet as a married woman?

Look out for the full coverage of the wedding airing in October on E! News.