Monday, August 29, 2011

VMA Highlights: Beyonce is PREGGO, Tyler the Creator wins Best New Artist, and Gaga STOLE the show!

Let's see... VMA's recap...

Gaga rocked, Adele rocked, Bieber kissed Selena, Bieber thanked God AND Jesus, Bieber wore Harry Potter's glasses, Tyler The Creator won Best New Artist, Beyonce is preggo, oh, and did I mention? Gaga rocked.

Lady Gaga set the tone with her unbelievable performance. She opened the show with a monologue as Jo Calderone, a raunchy elvis-looking man, seemingly "complaining" about Lady Gaga. She manages to address stereotypes and pokes fun at herself. She maintained this role for the entire show, through her performance and when she introduced Britney Spears. Unfortunately, they didn't kiss. That left many disappointed, including me.

Here is Lady Gaga's opening monologue and her performance of her latest single, "You and I."

Here is Beyonce performing "Love On Top" and revealing her pregnancy at the very end:

Tyler the Creator won Best New Artist and featured his video, "Yonkers."

Here is his acceptance speech, and his video is underneath: P.S. I love how he addresses the kids in this manner. Very contradicting, but so typical of Tyler. He epitomizes awkward and raunchy.

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"I just want to say 'thank you so much,' to not only God, but Jesus..."

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Jonah Hill pokes fun at his weight loss with Nikki Minaj: "Now that you've lost weight, you're probably not as funny anymore..."

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Adele had her debut VMA performance, singing "Someone Like You," and she was absolutely mind blowing, in my opinion.

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Chris Brown performed a mastermix of some of his songs with a little rock and roll mixed in there. He even got a standing ovation from Kanye West, someone who had previously bashed him for his past involving Rihanna. People were criticizing the performance because of the obvious lip-syncing, but there is NO WAY that a human could perform this while singing. See for yourself.

Finally, Britney Spears' tribute performance (performed by KIDS), was amazing in itself. All of her hit songs mashed into one performance.

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Finally, the show had a tribute to Amy Winehouse, which ended it on a bittersweet note... She was incredibly beautiful and gifted, and that was captured in this footage of her singing with Tony Bennett. Russell Brand introduces the tribute because she was a "mate" of his. He did a great job with this, because it was genuine.

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