Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not-So-Fat Joe: Hip Hop star Fat Joe loses 100 pounds

In an interview with MTV News, Fat Joe says,

"I'm not trying to impress nobody or nothing like that... I'm just trying to get healthy so I can be here for my family and take care of my kids and live the life that was intended for me to live, so it was crazy when I started getting all this attention. Two weeks from now, CNN is coming to my house, Sanjay Gupta, a big special, and all this attention is crazy."

When Joe started losing weight, he was 360 pounds. Now, one year later, at 260 pounds, he shares his wake up call:

"I went to my friend's funeral in the Bronx, and he was just the funniest, coolest dude on earth. He's got a daughter, she's the same age as my daughter, and it just felt like I was there, and I could just see my family in the funeral and I was like, 'Damn, he left his daughter, and she's only 5.' "

"That was the wake-up call. Then I just jumped on that treadmill and started eating right. It's not rocket science: It's the same thing they keep telling you to do, you actually just have to do it."

He hopes that he can inspire people who are battling the same obstacle, to lost weight...

Have people started following in his footsteps?

"One of my boys lives in Detroit, he said he came out his building, he got two dudes that been the fattest dudes on the block forever, they have weights outside and was running around the block, and he was like, 'Yo, what's up?' and they were like, 'We on that Fat Joe wave!' " says Joe.

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