Thursday, August 4, 2011

Extortion plot leaves wealthy Australian teen shaken after 'bomb-like' device was forced around her neck

As if it was straight out of a "Saw" movie, an extortion plot became very real for a multi-millionaire's daughter in Sydney, Australia.
For 18-year-old Madeleine Pulver, her attempt to study for final exams turned horrific yesterday, when a masked man broke into the Pulver beach home and forced an unknown device around her neck.

She was forced to remain quiet while the extortionist placed what appeared to be a bomb around her neck. Along with the fake explosive, a note was left with a list of demands, which led police to believe this was definitely an extortion plot.

William Pulver, Madeleine's father, is the CEO of Appen, a very successful Internet Media Company.

According to, "Pulver was freed from the device late Wednesday after bomb squad specialists spent 10 harrowing hours trying to safely remove it from her neck."

Following the bomb scare, Pulver was rushed to a nearby hospital for evaluation and questioning
This poor girl thought her head was going to explode at any time. They did not know what the device was until they removed it and discovered that there was no bombs in it at all. It was obviously a scare tactic that left the teen incredibly shaken and disturbed.

Through this terrifying experience, Madeleine was very grateful for the police who remained by her side while bomb specialists attempted to remove the device, and didn't leave regardless of the risk that this could very well be a bomb.

One can understand the severity of the hoax by the fact that "...neighbours were evacuated, streets [were] blocked off, and even the British military was called on for advice on how to deal with the situation," as reported by ABC News correspondents.