Tuesday, August 2, 2011

EXCLUSIVE VANITY FAIR INTERVIEW: After four failed marriages, JLO says, "I still believe in love."

Wow. Great make up! What brand is that? Airbrush? Ok, sorry. Moving on...
Jennifer Lopez had her first interview with Vanity Fair since the split, which will be on Newstands next week.

So what caused the Hollywood power couple to split?

Essentially, she claims that she was not looking out for herself enough. She was jeopardizing her own happiness for the sake of her family.

"It’s not that I didn't love myself before... Sometimes we don't realize that we are compromising ourselves. To understand that a person is not good for you, or that that person is not treating you in the right way, or that he is not doing the right thing for himself – if I stay, then I am not doing the right thing for me," said the 42-year-old in her recent Vanity Fair interview.

Regardless of the failure of her last marriage (and the three prior), Lopez still believes in love and she still believes that true happiness is attainable.

"Sometimes it doesn’t work – and that's sad. But I remain an eternal optimist about love. I believe in love."

Lopez claims that she really wanted her family to stay together, she really wanted her relationship to work. However, some things are inevitable.

"I loved myself enough to walk away."

Lopez also says, "everything is ramping up in a way. Like I said, we had the first three years of our marriage just for us. I wasn't working, it was mainly about him. Then we got pregnant. Then it became about the kids. And then I started working again."

Is it just me... or is she basically saying "the relationship wasn't about ME enough?"

What about the kids?

Now she is looking forward to focusing on her relationship with her children. Despite the American Idol Judge's hectic life, she refuses to hire a nanny. If she can't look after her kids, she will ask family and friends to do it. "It's [not] for me," Lopez says of hiring a nanny.

As far as her and her current relationship with Marc, they have remained civil. Even though they will not be connected by marriage, she is still confident in what they accomplish as a duo. They work well together. Lopez even states, "...together we make magic."