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9th Wonder ft. Raekwon & Big Remo - "No Pretending"


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For people that bash Christian music... Here's to you looking ignorant:

This song was written and rapped by my good friend, John Garrish. Great beat, great lyrics, GREAT message. Just listen...

Darkness Bright by J-Blee

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Miley Cyrus: "I'm Not A Bad Girl"

"People have very mixed opinions on me; I’m a great role model, or I’m completely inappropriate for anyone under 13 and I am controversial. I don’t know how I became this. There was this magazine article the other day, showing all the younger celebrities. I was the Girl Next Door or whatever, and I fell under the category of Good Girl Gone Bad. And I was like, “What the hell, man?” I stay in the house pretty much every day. I don’t go out. I’ve had same boyfriend for two years. So I think there are two very different reviews."
This I never understood. Cyrus got so much heat for this picture (above). I truly believe it was tastfully done. It's artistic and beautiful. However... these below...
...are another story...
In her exclusive interview with Joe Yogerst for Prestige Magazine, she really got personal about her image, and who she really is:
I’m not a big fan of LA, I’ve got to be honest. I like being able to work here, but any chance to go back home [to Tennessee], I love it.
When asked if she misses Hannah Montana, the starlett replied:
No [laughs]. I miss the family vibe, but I don’t miss the routine at all. I was so bored doing the same thing every day. It’s a lot easier not being on a show, to live my life a little bit and do some of the other things that I want to do
On fame and having a normal life:
People lose a lot of respect for other human beings when they find out you’re famous, because they’ve never experienced it. I’m with my boyfriend, for instance, and we’re walking around. We’re sure that no-one is taking our picture. We are sure of it. No one has followed us. No is here. And than, a few hours later, it’s life, “Miley Cyrus Alert."
I think that’s what I would have enjoyed most – just being able to be in public and not feel like I’m being watched.
You know, my dad and me, we’re pretty good with fans. We don’t mind taking pictures if they ask. But when they don’t ask, that’s a whole different level of weird.

If you have wondering where she's been recently, she's been making movies. Specifically, Undercover and LOL: Laugh Out Loud with Demi Moore.

There are things I do for me, and there are things I do for the fans, and So Undercover was something I really wanted to do for the fans. It’s the kind of comedy that they’re used to seeing on my show. It’s more for the 13-, 14-, 15-, 16-year-old crowd. LOL: Laughing Out Loud is still for the younger kids, but we did it independently and we shot it with Demi Moore and me. It’s more like real life. It’s a really cool story about a mom and a daughter, and the girl becoming a teenager and the mom going through a midlife crisis, and how a lot of things that they are going through are actually the same. It’s funny how life kind of works like that.

Cyrus has battled so much controversy, and everyone makes assumptions about how she lives her life. She says:

I’m really driven, obviously, I’ve always been that way, but my life is just really mellow, and I like hanging out. I think if they walked into where I live, they’d realise how the [public] perception of me is so different from who I really am. My dad is Native American, so I spend 90 percent of my time outside, going on hikes. That’s my lifestyle right now. The press seems to think that I’m trying to make this big turn and become a bad girl, and really I’m trying to be more connected with the Earth, more connected with myself and figure out who I am, try to understand the world a little more.

By Earth, do you mean... marijuana?

Ok ok... Just kidding. However, that would be a valid defense on her part.
Jokes aside, I think Miley really carried herself well through this interview. She has been out of the spotlight for some time now, and I think that was done strategically, so people could get over her recent "slip ups" that, some would say, weren't really slip ups at all.

What do you think about Miley? Is she still a role model for young women?

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Jada Pinkett's TV Show HawthoRNe, CANCELLED due to rumors of an affair

Jada Pinkett (Smith's?) marriage is not only affecting her relationship, but could it be affecting her career?

If you didn't know, Marc Anthony and Jada Pinkett often work on Hawthorne together.

"TNT has decided not to order a fourth season of 'Hawthorne," TNT confirmed to E! News today.

On Miss Pinkett's blog, she wrote:

"I want to say thank you to all the fans for being Hawthorne soldiers. All our facebook fans ... twitter soldiers and viewers ... you held us down. Of course you know there is more to come ... believe it!" (From the Today Show) reports that,

"News of "Hawthorne's" cancellation comes on the heels of speculation (we're looking at you, Life & Style ) that Anthony's separation from Jennifer Lopez had something to do with an affair with Jada, and that that relationship was also stirring up trouble in Pinkett Smith's marriage."

So essentially, Hawthorne just doesn't want the baggage.

Is it just coincidence that two Hollywood Power Couples break up at around the same time? Now, with allegations of an affair between Marc and Jada, everyone is assuming the worst.

Even though Pinkett's publicist says the rumors of an affair are completely false, how can we take that seriously, when the separation rumors were said to be "completely false" too?

There is just way too many beautiful people involved here... Isn't that eye opening, though? Everyone will end up rich and beautiful, but I guarantee you they won't be happy! You can't buy happiness, that's for sure.

Honestly (in my opinion), I bet any of the four people involved would trade in their millions for a steady, healthy relationship.

Their oldest son Trey took to Twitter:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maggie Goes on a Diet: Children's weight loss books-- Helpful or harmful?

The book has not even been released yet, and it is already sparking major controversy.

According to the Washington Post, "Author Paul Kramer has said his intent was to write a story with an important message to children about eating properly and maintaining a healthy physique, especially given the obesity epidemic."

Is it too much too soon?

At what age should kids start watching what they eat?

One of the biggest controversies about this book is the term "diet." He could have said, "Maggie and her healthy lifestyle," or "eating healthy." However, a diet is a term that is frowned upon, essentially because, in the words of Psychology of Eating Expert, Karen Schachter:

"...diets simply don’t work. Research suggests that something like 95 percent of people who actually lose weight on a diet, end up gaining it back within a couple of years or sooner. When the “diet cycle”(which is marked by feeling deprived, developing cravings, feeling guilty and ashamed, overeating, and then starting again with a new diet) begins in childhood, it can set the stage for a lifelong struggle with weight, chronic dieting, overeating, low self-esteem, and weight and food obsession."

Also, why is it just about a girl? This, in my opinion, contributes to the sexualized image a female, that plagues us every day.

What do you think about this?

Comment and let me know your opinions.

The book is scheduled to be published in October of this year.

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ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Cyhi The Prynce & DOWNLOAD HIS LATEST MIXTAPE, "Jack of all Trades!"

Certified Virgo... Certified G.O.O.D Music... Certified ARTist.

Cydel Young, also known as Cyhi The Prynce, has stellar credibility on his cosigns alone.

Thanks to a recommendation from Jay Z, the 26-year-old rapper heard that Kanye West was interested in signing him to his label, Good Music. As soon as he heard, he was on the next flight out to Hawaii—where 'Ye has been recording his not-yet-titled fifth album, according to Vibe magazine.

When he arrived in Hawaii:

"'Ye screamed out 'Cyhiii!' as soon as I saw him. I’m excited because I have someone that understands everything that I want to do with my career. He’s not in the box, Ye really understands what I’m trying to accomplish.”

For someone who was not able to listen to rap music until he was 12, because of a strict Baptist upbringing, his growth as an artist is unexpected and inspiring.

Look at this candid interview of Cyhi talking fashion, fame, life's necessities, and his team.

Watch his video, "Can't Wait"

About two and a half months ago, Cyhi released Royal Flush 2. Then, all of a sudden, he released the Jack of All Trades mixtape, yesterday!

T.I. Released from prison one month early

After being sentenced to one year in prison for drug possession, reveals that:

"T.I. was released from prison today (August 31st), after serving 11 months in prison for drug possession while being on probation."

First thing he did when he got out? He tweeted:

T.I. (#teamTI)

The storm is over & da sun back out. IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE SHAWTY!!!!! Welcome to the beginning of our Happy Ending!!!!
T.I. (#teamTI)

Feels great to be back where I belong...Back in the arms of those who need me the most.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Just released 911 call from friend of Russell Armstrong, husband of Real Housewife, Taylor Armstrong

"My friend just hanged himself, do you understand? Come over here right now, stop asking questions and come over here right now."



The 911 Call was just released by the Los Angeles Fire Department after a friend of Russell Armstrong's, Francisco Martin, found his lifeless body "hanging in a guest house," as described by E! News. Taylor Armstrong, his estranged wife, did not place the phone call, but you can hear her sobbing in the background. Her daughter was also present.

"We just found…he has not been responding to anybody for the last few days and we just came up to the house and we finally went in…and that's it…Oh my God, oh my God. Oh my God, oh my God."

"He's basically in the back. He locked his door, the friend went over through the back window and saw him hanging there. And we don't know how long it's been because the last time we all saw him was Friday."

Thankfully, their 5-year-old daughter did not see.

In the police report, it was believed that Russell was dead for 24 hours before he was found. He had hanged himself with an electrical cord.

On the day of the funeral, the distraught widow had to be carried off because she was so overcome by emotion and distress. When she arrived, "She was pale and gaunt," as E! News explains.

Hunger Games movie: Trailer, exclusive commentary and pictures of the cast!

For all of the avid Hunger Games readers, that sneak peek was just that, a PEEK. Personally, I wanted to see some more of the arena, and possibly a glimpse of the capital!? What we do know, is Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) is HOT! The character in the book was known for her long braid and good looks, and this trailer seems to reflect that pretty well.

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

DID YOU KNOW that Liam Hensworth, who plays Gale, is also Miley Cyrus' boyfriend?

DID YOU KNOW that Lenny Kravitz plays Cinna? I LOVE this cast!

I won't go through the whole cast, but here are the main characters. Click on their names to see their bios on IMDb.
Jennifer Lawrence: Jennifer Lawrence

Amandla Stenberg: Rue

Donald Sutherland: President Snow

Josh Hutcherson: Peeta Mellark

Liam Hemsworth: Gale Hawthorne

Lenny Kravitz: Cinna

Willow Shields: Primrose Everdeen

Woody Harrelson: Haymitch Abernathy

Ridiculousness vs. Tosh. O?


This is an entire Tosh.O show. Watch at your own discretion. Fast forward, rewind, whatever you like.

About 15 minutes into the debut of Rob Dyrdek's show Ridiculousness, I searched the terms "Daniel Tosh," just out of curiosity. The entire first page consisted of tweets along the lines of:

"Daniel Tosh>Rob Dyrdek"

"Can't wait until Daniel Tosh finds this video of Rob Dyrdek impersonating his show on the Internet so he can rip it apart"

"P.s. dear Rob from Rob & Big ~ we already have one Daniel Tosh. We don't need another less funny one. p.s. where is your mini pony??"

"I can't wait till daniel tosh makes fun of the show #Ridiculousness on tosh.0..Smh"

Every Daniel Tosh tweet was comparing Rob Dyrdek to Daniel Tosh. I may be generalizing here, but it doesn't seem like people embraced the new show very well. There wasn't one positive tweet (at this time.)

Here is a sample from the show last night:

Well, let's see.

How similar is it?

Well first, let's cite the big guys: The Huffington Post says,

"[Rob Dyrdek] is no stranger to stunts gone horribly awry, but his new show highlights the craziest catastrophes on the Web in a way that only he can--so you can forget about comparing it to "Tosh.0" and "The Soup."

During his interview with the Post, Dyrdek said:

"Shows like that are scripted. They're sketch comedy shows with around eight to 10 videos. Our show will have up to 45 videos, and it's more like the way you and your friends would watch it and I'm just commenting on everything as it happens. The stars of this show are the videos."

As an observer of the show last night, there was nowhere near 45 videos. Not even close. So that is not accurate. And this is not scripted? I may be wrong, but I call BS!

Tosh.O is "home of the web redemption and video breakdown." He finds ridiculous videos on the Internet and often brings the "idiots" from the videos into the studio.

Rob Dyrdek is a video breakdown show, where they have two other commentators, one of whom controls the video so they can stop it, slow it down, rewind it, etc. Oh, and they brought someone from the video into the studio.

Rob Dyrdek has a more elaborate studio, more commentators, and may target a different demographic being on MTV as opposed to Comedy Central. I actually think that Comedy Central will appeal to MORE people, seeing as a wider demographic watches that channel. You don't always see people in their 40's and 50's watching MTV.
As you can see here, the studio is very technical. He is standing on a laptop with a HUGE screen for the videos, whereas Tosh stands next to a rather small screen, which is all green screen.

I watched the show. Daniel Tosh is a comedian, and scripted jokes and humor comes more naturally. Rob Dyrdek is funnier in shows where he is not told what to say. Tosh.o still holds the throne, in my opinion. He has branded that type of show, even though it is simpler, and less elaborate.

Let's be realistic, though. Web Redemption shows are everywhere: The Soup and VH1's Web Junk 20 are just a couple. However, Tosh. O was so well known within a certain demographic, and now, Ridiculousness is coming in to compete within that same age group. Also, Tosh and Dyrdek are similar in age, and are both embraced for their OWN brand.

Louisville Improv

Vulpine Films


And P.S. I AM NOT just posting certain tweets... these are the FIRST FIVE CONSECUTIVE tweets regarding the show, after you search the terms "Rob Dyrdek" via Twitter.
People are really defending Tosh on this one. Period.

So are Tosh and Dyrdek tweeting on the matter? Will there be "beef" in the near future?

NOPE! We shall see what the future holds, but for now, there is no hostility between the two.

Monday, August 29, 2011

VMA Highlights: Beyonce is PREGGO, Tyler the Creator wins Best New Artist, and Gaga STOLE the show!

Let's see... VMA's recap...

Gaga rocked, Adele rocked, Bieber kissed Selena, Bieber thanked God AND Jesus, Bieber wore Harry Potter's glasses, Tyler The Creator won Best New Artist, Beyonce is preggo, oh, and did I mention? Gaga rocked.

Lady Gaga set the tone with her unbelievable performance. She opened the show with a monologue as Jo Calderone, a raunchy elvis-looking man, seemingly "complaining" about Lady Gaga. She manages to address stereotypes and pokes fun at herself. She maintained this role for the entire show, through her performance and when she introduced Britney Spears. Unfortunately, they didn't kiss. That left many disappointed, including me.

Here is Lady Gaga's opening monologue and her performance of her latest single, "You and I."

Here is Beyonce performing "Love On Top" and revealing her pregnancy at the very end:

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Tyler the Creator won Best New Artist and featured his video, "Yonkers."

Here is his acceptance speech, and his video is underneath: P.S. I love how he addresses the kids in this manner. Very contradicting, but so typical of Tyler. He epitomizes awkward and raunchy.

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"I just want to say 'thank you so much,' to not only God, but Jesus..."

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

Jonah Hill pokes fun at his weight loss with Nikki Minaj: "Now that you've lost weight, you're probably not as funny anymore..."

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

Adele had her debut VMA performance, singing "Someone Like You," and she was absolutely mind blowing, in my opinion.

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music, Adele

Chris Brown performed a mastermix of some of his songs with a little rock and roll mixed in there. He even got a standing ovation from Kanye West, someone who had previously bashed him for his past involving Rihanna. People were criticizing the performance because of the obvious lip-syncing, but there is NO WAY that a human could perform this while singing. See for yourself.

Finally, Britney Spears' tribute performance (performed by KIDS), was amazing in itself. All of her hit songs mashed into one performance.

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Finally, the show had a tribute to Amy Winehouse, which ended it on a bittersweet note... She was incredibly beautiful and gifted, and that was captured in this footage of her singing with Tony Bennett. Russell Brand introduces the tribute because she was a "mate" of his. He did a great job with this, because it was genuine.

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VMAs... My thoughts on the Best New Artist category, and who I'm voting for!

I took it upon myself to look up the artists that were nominated for "Best New Artist" that I wasn't familiar with. I am a big fan of Big Sean and Tyler, The Creator, but I didn't know much about Kreayshawn and Foster the People:

Foster the People:

reayshawn got her initial buzz from YouTube... Her video "Gucci Gucci" got over 3 million views in the first three weeks.

Even though these artists are unique in their own sense, my decision still stands. I am voting for Big Sean. I have a genuine respect for Big Sean because his lyrical ability is among the best, in my opinion. The fact that Kanye reluctantly gave him the chance to rap just 16 bars for him, and that in itself sold him as an artist, must mean something. Also, his recent debut album "Finally Famous" was impressive. He has substance and still appeals to the masses.

I didn't forget about Wiz Khalifa. If this Best New Artist award was related to Kush and Orange Juice and prior, he would have a GOOD chance at my vote. However, I would be lying if I was saying I was still a fan of his. However, he is a brand and he has grown as an artist, just not one to my liking.

Click here to cast your vote for "Best New Artist"

KATT WILLIAMS gets in a fight at the Young Jeezy Concert

New Music, just added to my iPod!

Extended JAMLA Family: Phonte ft. Elzhi: Not Here Anymore

This song, to me represents artistry. The artists, the beat and the lyrical content all have SUBSTANCE.

Asher Roth: Ampersand

I respect Asher for always staying true to himself... He is so witty and unique. He is goofy in his lyrics but he makes them flow so well. His words are intelligent, just listen!

Asher Roth: In The Kitchen

Flo Rida ft. Taio Cruz: Hangover

You know I had to put a club banger in here... Typical Taio Cruz and Flo Rida. They incorporate the trance in their music because they know this will be played just about anywhere. This song sounds similar to his other songs, but it's still fun, you have to admit!

"I've got a hangover... wooooahhh... I've been drinkin' too much, fo' sho'."

Obviously this song isn't featured on my blog for it's lyrical content.

Frank Ocean: Try

I love the acoustics... Does he reflect what R&B USED to be? I think he is pretty close.

Mac Miller: Cold Feet

Mac Miller continues to climb up the ranks in the music game. At one point he appealed to a more narrow demographic (tweens and teens) but now he is really appealing to all ages. His talent is getting recognized like it should be. He has an incredible flow and unique tone. He has a BRIGHT future ahead of him.

"B*tches couldn't touch me with a Facobook poke..." Great line, ha ha.

Fabolous ft. Trey Songz and ......... Sicker Than Yo' Average

Typical Fabo content... Talking about his lavish lifestyle. But, the beat is good, and it's a song that will make it on an MTV or BET countdown without a doubt.

Jennifer Garner and Hilary Duff sporting VISIBLE baby bumps

The 39-year-old actress is getting ready for baby #3! Her oldest, Violet, is now 5, and her second, Seraphina is 2. She is expected to give birth sometime in the winter of 2012.

The 23-year-old actress and new wife of Mike Comrie, who confirmed her pregnancy just weeks ago, is already showing. She is also due sometime in the winter of 2012.

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Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus: DEFINITELY expecting a child together!

According to E! Online, A source confirmed to E! News that Brenda Song is pregnant with her first child, and Miley Cyrus' brother Trace Cyrus is the father!

Trace, 22, is a part of the band Metro Station. He must have a thing for Disney stars. He briefly dated Demi LeVato before he knocked up the 23-year-old Suite Life of Zack and Cody star.

Song first gave us a little surprise in her The Social Network role, where she played a pretty raunchy student. (Her Disney image was kind of destroyed as soon as she got freaky in the bathroom.)

We are all surprised at the fact that Brenda Song is having a baby, but who knew the two were even dating?

PHONTE ft. ELZHI: "Not Here Anymore" (Prod. by 9th Wonder)