Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Cyhi The Prynce & DOWNLOAD HIS LATEST MIXTAPE, "Jack of all Trades!"

Certified Virgo... Certified G.O.O.D Music... Certified ARTist.

Cydel Young, also known as Cyhi The Prynce, has stellar credibility on his cosigns alone.

Thanks to a recommendation from Jay Z, the 26-year-old rapper heard that Kanye West was interested in signing him to his label, Good Music. As soon as he heard, he was on the next flight out to Hawaii—where 'Ye has been recording his not-yet-titled fifth album, according to Vibe magazine.

When he arrived in Hawaii:

"'Ye screamed out 'Cyhiii!' as soon as I saw him. I’m excited because I have someone that understands everything that I want to do with my career. He’s not in the box, Ye really understands what I’m trying to accomplish.”

For someone who was not able to listen to rap music until he was 12, because of a strict Baptist upbringing, his growth as an artist is unexpected and inspiring.

Look at this candid interview of Cyhi talking fashion, fame, life's necessities, and his team.

Watch his video, "Can't Wait"

About two and a half months ago, Cyhi released Royal Flush 2. Then, all of a sudden, he released the Jack of All Trades mixtape, yesterday!