Saturday, August 13, 2011

Artist of the week: Meek Mill

Straight out of Philly, Robert Rahmeek Williams, has quickly made a name for himself as an accomplished and promising emcee.

Since 2007, he has risen from the underground to the masses with his recent collaborations with Rick Ross, Wale, Black Cobain, and many more. He has overcome major obstacles, and his fans have stood by his side throughout. A minor setback made for a major comeback when he was signed to Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group and Warner Bros. I think that being signed to both labels really gave him the credibility he needed. Especially Warner Bros., because that gave him the legitimacy of a major artist.

His musical ability has earned him a solid spot in the hip hop game, and I believe that he is only going to grow as an artist. He has a unique tone, and his lyrics are multidimensional. This in itself gives him the ability to relate to a wider demographic.

I respect the Maybach Music Group, because the label has branded themselves in a way that they are able to preserve the art of hip hop while still appealing to a mass audience. (In my opinion!)

Here is one of Meek's latest releases: "I'm Me"

As you can see with this song... he is a little on the explicit side. However, that's part of his persona. This song is about his success and he often refers to how he came up... and how the success did not come without setbacks. "Rookie of the Year, I'm MVP." He's fairly new, but, that doesn't mean he's not the "best."  Also, you can hear similar instrumentals in the song that Rick Ross uses in a lot of his songs. This just represents the influence that Ross has on his music.