Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ridiculousness vs. Tosh. O?


This is an entire Tosh.O show. Watch at your own discretion. Fast forward, rewind, whatever you like.

About 15 minutes into the debut of Rob Dyrdek's show Ridiculousness, I searched the terms "Daniel Tosh," just out of curiosity. The entire first page consisted of tweets along the lines of:

"Daniel Tosh>Rob Dyrdek"

"Can't wait until Daniel Tosh finds this video of Rob Dyrdek impersonating his show on the Internet so he can rip it apart"

"P.s. dear Rob from Rob & Big ~ we already have one Daniel Tosh. We don't need another less funny one. p.s. where is your mini pony??"

"I can't wait till daniel tosh makes fun of the show #Ridiculousness on tosh.0..Smh"

Every Daniel Tosh tweet was comparing Rob Dyrdek to Daniel Tosh. I may be generalizing here, but it doesn't seem like people embraced the new show very well. There wasn't one positive tweet (at this time.)

Here is a sample from the show last night:

Well, let's see.

How similar is it?

Well first, let's cite the big guys: The Huffington Post says,

"[Rob Dyrdek] is no stranger to stunts gone horribly awry, but his new show highlights the craziest catastrophes on the Web in a way that only he can--so you can forget about comparing it to "Tosh.0" and "The Soup."

During his interview with the Post, Dyrdek said:

"Shows like that are scripted. They're sketch comedy shows with around eight to 10 videos. Our show will have up to 45 videos, and it's more like the way you and your friends would watch it and I'm just commenting on everything as it happens. The stars of this show are the videos."

As an observer of the show last night, there was nowhere near 45 videos. Not even close. So that is not accurate. And this is not scripted? I may be wrong, but I call BS!

Tosh.O is "home of the web redemption and video breakdown." He finds ridiculous videos on the Internet and often brings the "idiots" from the videos into the studio.

Rob Dyrdek is a video breakdown show, where they have two other commentators, one of whom controls the video so they can stop it, slow it down, rewind it, etc. Oh, and they brought someone from the video into the studio.

Rob Dyrdek has a more elaborate studio, more commentators, and may target a different demographic being on MTV as opposed to Comedy Central. I actually think that Comedy Central will appeal to MORE people, seeing as a wider demographic watches that channel. You don't always see people in their 40's and 50's watching MTV.
As you can see here, the studio is very technical. He is standing on a laptop with a HUGE screen for the videos, whereas Tosh stands next to a rather small screen, which is all green screen.

I watched the show. Daniel Tosh is a comedian, and scripted jokes and humor comes more naturally. Rob Dyrdek is funnier in shows where he is not told what to say. Tosh.o still holds the throne, in my opinion. He has branded that type of show, even though it is simpler, and less elaborate.

Let's be realistic, though. Web Redemption shows are everywhere: The Soup and VH1's Web Junk 20 are just a couple. However, Tosh. O was so well known within a certain demographic, and now, Ridiculousness is coming in to compete within that same age group. Also, Tosh and Dyrdek are similar in age, and are both embraced for their OWN brand.

Louisville Improv

Vulpine Films


And P.S. I AM NOT just posting certain tweets... these are the FIRST FIVE CONSECUTIVE tweets regarding the show, after you search the terms "Rob Dyrdek" via Twitter.
People are really defending Tosh on this one. Period.

So are Tosh and Dyrdek tweeting on the matter? Will there be "beef" in the near future?

NOPE! We shall see what the future holds, but for now, there is no hostility between the two.