Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, and the infamous "Cry Face"

Farrah Abraham... Not as recognized by her name as she is by her face. And by face, I mean her crying face:

Ms. Abraham is known to all loyal MTV fans as the Teen Mom who was "physically abused" by her seemingly overbearing mother. However, Reality TV shows have a way of portraying people in a way that will benefit their ratings.

No one knows what really happened behind closed doors, but she sure has a way of expressing her emotion with her infamous pout.

Abraham, 19, recently documented her breast implant surgery, during an episode of "Teen Mom." She says it will benefit her modeling career. Whatever you say, Farrah. I always thought models had to be pretty? Weird.

Lately, she was slammed for tweeting something disrespectful about Demi Lovato and her recent troubles with bulimia. The Teen Mom tweeted:

"In the v.o booth… i feel if demi Lavato can sing … why can't I… I've been through way more then just vomitting after every meal :)"

Funny she says that... because she's looking a little gaunt lately. Also, you just got your boobs done. Talk about insecurity and body image issues!

Last but not least, it is rumored that Ms Abraham may have a new gig: Being a part of the new Charlie's Angels remake. That would be a sight to see!