Saturday, May 7, 2011

n. Lady Gaga / adj. bizarre

I was watching Guiliana Rancic interview Lady Gaga last night on E! News, and I couldn't help but wonder WHAT inspires Ms Gaga to wear the things she does. She truly epitomizes 'bizarre' and I wanted to post some images of her most notable get ups. Maybe someone can enlighten me? Don't get me wrong, I think she is phenomenal. I saw her perform on Oprah on Thursday, and she is a true entertainer. She is her own brand and I have an incredible respect and appreciation for that. I applaud her for standing out. Her ability to appeal to such a wide demographic of people while pushing equality in our society is so brave. But still... I'm no stylist, nor do I know much about fashion, but some of this stuff I simply cannot explain!

Here we have Lady Gaga emerging from an egg. Totally normal.
Here we have... I don't even know. I really just don't. I couldn't even tell you what this was symbolic of. Fire maybe? The Slim Jim guys?
Is this even safe? Is she able to see, let alone BREATH?

Addams Family Member that the family disowned for being too sexy

Dr Dre is thinking, "Why do I have to be the one standing next to her?"

Angelic Scarecrow maybe?

The infamous meat dress

Kermit the frog(s)

That's just a button on her head... no biggie.

So many things going on here I wouldn't even know where to begin. The balloon material robe or the cowboy hat/sombrero.

If I was going to meet the Queen, this is totally what I would wear too.

Even though she is known for her bizarre outfits, she does have her sexy 'dress-down' days:
Even this... could be sexy.

Even with these yellow decorations that I can't really figure out, I still think she looks SEXY!

See THIS is normal? The shoulder pads are a little extreme, but this outfit is classy, in my opinion!