Friday, May 6, 2011

Oprah Redefines 'Spectacular'

As if Oprah hadn't proven herself enough over the past 25 with legendary guests and incredible giveaways, she bids farewell by going above and beyond. On Monday, May 2, 2011, she had the President of the United States on her show. Not just the President, but his famous wife (if not just as famous as the President himself), Michelle Obama!

The night before the illustrious couple appeared on the Oprah show, Osama Bin Laden was killed. Not only was this a milestone in talk show history, but it was a milestone in our nation's history. I don't think there could possibly have been a more perfect time for them to appear on the show.

Despite the fact that Ms. Winfrey herself does not like surprises, she is making an exception with her "Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular" show, that will air May 23 and May 24. The final show will air May 25.

If giving the entire audience brand new cars, endorsing products to make people millionaires over night and the 44 million viewers a week was not "spectacular," I can't even fathom what surprises the final episodes will have. So far, we have seen Johnny Depp take the entire audience to a premiere of his latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, and Lady Gaga perform on a stiletto. Yes, a ten foot tall stiletto. She never seizes to amaze us.

Those involved with the show are keeping tight-lipped about what is to come, however, we do know this: . "We intend to make the most of that opportunity. It will be something to see!” says executive producer, Sheri Salata. But if the past is any indication of what to expect, I will be watching. This is the Superbowl of talk show finales. NBC claims that ads during the final show will cost 1 MILLION! Talk about an economic boost! That is more than the season finale of Lost which cost $900,000.