Friday, June 17, 2011

Actual Proof: AKA Freakin' Geniuses

This picture pretty much represents their persona. Actual Proof is composed of two incredibly talented goofballs.

Best friends for years, Sundown and Enigma were led into the hip hop game together, and have stuck by each other ever since. After becoming affiliated with 9th Wonder, their careers have been on the rise, and they are currently working on their next project, "Hotter Than July" which is said to drop in mid-July.

The Talented Tenth

Originally written by W.E.B Dubois, The Talented Tenth was a famous essay that described the likelihood of 1 in 10 black men becoming leaders in their oppressed society, through means of education and writing books. Actual Proof's reproduction of "The Talented Tenth" (which was their last critically acclaimed project) epitomizes classic hip hop beats and rhymes with historical references that essentially convey Enigma and Sundown's ability to embody public intellectuals.

Ahead of my years, but young in age... my growing pain is to better my peers... I weather these tears, i'm slowly drained and so afraid marching with the souls of slaves.... March...  

Download their latest project, "The Talented Tenth" that was featured on DJ Booth, here:
Actual Proof - The Talented Tenth - Mixtape Listen and Download