Saturday, June 25, 2011

What am I listening to right now? Listen here!

Here are just a couple of new releases that are on my iPod right now. I will post more throughout the week. These songs that I chose are songs that can be enjoyed by just about anyone, in my opinion.

Common, enough said. Obviously the song will be great.

This song is catchy... I love the chorus and "Time After Time" beat. The lyrics are average, but the beat is what gets me.

This is a similar song to the one above... Catchy, but the lyrics are nothing special. This is a "radio hit." Tory Lanez makes the song.

Once again, Mac Miller doesn't disappoint. The song is short, but his message and lyrics are stellar. And Talib Kweli is featured in this... Guaranteed banger... #ThumbsUp

Here is my 9PM to 5AM song... Sexy!

This song is very encouraging. J. Cole has a way with his words. He is one of my favorite MC's.

This is just another example of Rapsody's ability to represent genuine hip hop. Raekwon's feature is incredible as well, and 9th Wonder brings it all together with the beat.

Cyhi and Pusha is an amazing collab. This song proves that.

I just love this song. I don't normally like Roscoe Dash's music, but he is a great addition to the song. This song gives me a pep in my step. (ha)

Big Sean and Lupe... Two great artists, one great song. This song isn't the greatest, lyrically, seeing as what these two artists are capable of, but the beat makes up for where the lyrics lack.

OK here's my club joint... ha ha. Substance is minimal, but if you're drunk in the club, who cares?