Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New requirement for 2012 Politicians: Horny

OK. As a forewarning. I may get a little bit opinionated in this post. If you're not a reader (seeing as this post is a bit lengthier than most) scroll down to see some sweet pictures.

This year has been exceptionally scandalous in the political world, with recent stories involving Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Edwards, and as the face of our current scandal, Congressman Anthony Weiner. These stories are not your average "picture sharing" or "affair" situation, but these scandals involve lies and deceit. Deceit to the point of destruction. John Edwards impregnated another woman while his wife was dying of cancer. Schwarzennegger impregnated his HOUSEMATE while he slept soundly next to his wife every night. He kept mum for 10 years about his illegitimate child. These stories take SKILL. Not anyone can lie to an entire nation and maintain their sanity. It's almost scary, actually. These are the same people that make crucial decisions for our country.

So, for anyone who does not know what Anthony Weiner did, here it is, briefly:

Let's just say, Weiner had a bad case of the Tweets. Someone should have given him a Twitter lesson before he went sending  pictures via the incredibly popular social networking site.

On May 27th, a photo of a man's groin appeared on Weiner's twitter feed. Yes, it was Weiner's weener. How tragic to have such a name and be involved in such a scandal. Yet, you have to admit, it's pretty funny. His first response to the picture was that his Twitter was hacked, then he changed the story to say that he sent it to a woman by the name of Gennette Cordova as a joke. When that story didn't fly, he finally admitted to "several inappropriate" electronic relationships with six women over the course of three years. Weiner has a devout Muslim wife, who doesn't drink and essentially epitomizes good character. They have been married for a year and apparently, she is willing to work through the scandal although she is "disappointed," in Weiner's words. The Congressman currently has 69,259 followers under the name @RepWeiner. His last tweet was on June 1, saying:

Anthony Weiner

Some people are praising him for coming out and being truthful. He FINALLY came out and told the truth at a press conference. That was after two seperate announcements that both happened to be consecutive LIES. So what makes this one the truth? Just because he made himself look like an idiot? Just because he wasn't "hacked" and it wasn't a "joke?" That's the downside of dealing with a pathological liar; you never know.

Some say, that people's personal lives should not interfere with how they are seen as politicians. Their sexuality and home life does not affect their dedication to our country. However, if how they treat their family (people they supposedly care about), and consecutively lie about things they have done, that is a CHARACTER FLAW. To me, that is a red flag. Anyone making decisions for the PEOPLE need to be trustworthy and reliable. Period.

His marriage to his wife was officiated by none other than Bill Clinton last year. I'm sorry, I just had to put that in there. Oh, the irony.

The last picture is of him in his boxer briefs. Gross.