Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Music, just added to my iPod!

Extended JAMLA Family: Phonte ft. Elzhi: Not Here Anymore

This song, to me represents artistry. The artists, the beat and the lyrical content all have SUBSTANCE.

Asher Roth: Ampersand

I respect Asher for always staying true to himself... He is so witty and unique. He is goofy in his lyrics but he makes them flow so well. His words are intelligent, just listen!

Asher Roth: In The Kitchen

Flo Rida ft. Taio Cruz: Hangover

You know I had to put a club banger in here... Typical Taio Cruz and Flo Rida. They incorporate the trance in their music because they know this will be played just about anywhere. This song sounds similar to his other songs, but it's still fun, you have to admit!

"I've got a hangover... wooooahhh... I've been drinkin' too much, fo' sho'."

Obviously this song isn't featured on my blog for it's lyrical content.

Frank Ocean: Try

I love the acoustics... Does he reflect what R&B USED to be? I think he is pretty close.

Mac Miller: Cold Feet

Mac Miller continues to climb up the ranks in the music game. At one point he appealed to a more narrow demographic (tweens and teens) but now he is really appealing to all ages. His talent is getting recognized like it should be. He has an incredible flow and unique tone. He has a BRIGHT future ahead of him.

"B*tches couldn't touch me with a Facobook poke..." Great line, ha ha.

Fabolous ft. Trey Songz and ......... Sicker Than Yo' Average

Typical Fabo content... Talking about his lavish lifestyle. But, the beat is good, and it's a song that will make it on an MTV or BET countdown without a doubt.